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Hakim Emmanuel, of Stoughton, Massachusetts bowled 36 consecutive strikes for the 27th Perfect USBC Sanctioned 900 series at Westgate Lanes on Feb. 20, 2015.  Hakim had never rolled a perfect game in his life when he got to the bowling center that Thursday night for his doubles league, but when he left, he'd done the incredible feat of shooting 3 perfect 300 games in a row for an awesome 900 series.


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The 2016 iBowlStrikes/ Winter February Bowling Tournament will be February 12,13,14 - 19,20,21 - 26,27,28 - 2016
Stay tuned for details. Planning a nice prize fund!


Thank you to everyone that came out to support the 2015 Ice Cream Bowling Tournament. Although the turnout was not big, we still had a lot of fun.. As always, we are grateful for each and every single person that showed us love and support for the tournament.
Big shout-outs to Ellen Howard, Johnnie Jackson, Tony Haynes, and Dannial Cohen -- Thank you for your help and sponsored prizes.
Congratulations to our new tournament 1st Place Champions:
1st HDCP Doubles: Kimico Myers & David Thompson 1428 - $2,000
1st HDCP Singles: Sonya Hall 733 - $1,000
1st Scratch Singles: Tim Sprattling 691 - $500
1st Women’s HDCP Singles: Sonya Hall 733 - $500
1st Women’s Scratch: Krystal Crumedy 698 - $150 + RBT Entry
1st Senior HDCP Singles: Wes Culler 714 - $150
1st Place Seniors Scratch Singles: Hiram Mills 670 – RBT Entry


Bowler Earon Vollmar in Toledo, Ohio recently became the 25th bowler in history to bowl 3 consecutive perfect 300 games for a 900 series. The achievement happened at New Glass Bowl Lanes on Jan. 19, 2015. Incredible bowling Earon!


Quantrelle L. Green began her bowling career in 1979 at the age of 4, in Flint, Michigan. At the age of 16, she became the first female youth bowler in the Flint area to bowl a 300 game. In 1996, Quantrelle and her family relocated to Atlanta, GA, and her bowling continued to flourish. Her highest average is 231 and her highest series is 870, which is the highest in the State of Georgia and the highest (Woman) three game series in the nation for the 2010-2011 bowling season.

Quantrelle has amassed a very impressive bowling record and her overall consistency, dedication, quiet confidence and competitiveness, has earned the respect and admiration from her team mates and peers.

* Quantrell Green's 870 Series (280, 300 and 290) set a new GA State WBA record that ranks nationally as the 3rd highest series by a female.

*  Inducted Into USBC Georgia State Hall of Fame-Superior Performance

* Inducted Into TNBA Southern Regional Bowling Hall of Fame- Superior Performance


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Perfect 300 Game Honors
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