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Here are some features on some of the best bowling by amateur bowlers that you’ll ever see.  Even though the lane conditions are not as hard as what the PBA Professionals, PBA Experience Leagues, or Bowling Sports Shot lane conditions are, these featured bowlers are some of the very best around.

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George Gohagan III Bowls 899 Cool

This is a video of bowler George Gohagan, who bowled 35 Strikes in a row, and then he almost bowled a perfect 900 series.  Amazing!  George has also bowled good enough to cash in some of the PBA tournaments.

Bowler Earon Vollmar in Toledo, Ohio recently became the 25th bowler in history to bowl 3 consecutive perfect 300 games for a 900 series. The achievement happened at New Glass Bowl Lanes on Jan. 19, 2015. Incredible bowling Earon!

Eddie Williams bowls a 898 series Cool
Lilac Lanes in Spokane, Washington

This is a video of bowler Eddie Williams, who bowled 2 perfect 300 games in a row, and then he almost bowled a perfect 900 series.  He fell a little short of perfection in the 10th frame on the last ball - but, he still threw 35 strikes in a row. Amazing!