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Get Discounts. Auto Insurance Quotes and Saving Money

To save money on car insurance and getting a quote, keep the following guidelines in mind to save. You have to compare the different costs of diverse insurance companies and agents. Actually, being a comparison shopper will normally always save you money. So shop around because rates are always changing. You also have to take in mind that motor, auto, truck, motorcycles, boats and all vehicle insurance will vary from state to state. Your insurance quote and cost for Wyoming will most definitely be different than Colorado or Maryland.


First of all, try to be a safe driver and don't get a lot of tickets from driving. And when you have small fender-benders, sometimes it's a good idea to just pay the cost out of pocket yourself without filing an insurance claim.

Another thing to do is to raise the deductible. In other words, if you raise the price you pay before the insurance company pays, it will save you money for your auto insurance. This will reduce your premium and make your insurance more affordable.

You may want to drop your comprehensive collision coverage if you have an old car, or its got a lot of mileage and has been a lot of trouble to keep repaired. If you car isn't worth that much money, and your vehicle gets damaged, then it's not worth having an expensive policy.

Your age and credit score may also be a big factor in deciding how much your insurance for your automobile will be. You will also get discounts for taking driving training, paying 6 months to a year instead of paying monthly, and also insuring your car with the same company you are insuring your home policy with.

Here are 10 companies that have been considered the top companies for car insurance.

State Farm


Liberty Mutual

21st Century

Hartford Insurance