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$10,000.00 Christmas Cash Bowling Tournament
+ Bowling Products Showcase & Fundraiser for the Kid's Youth Bowling - Junior Gold


Any combination Handicap Doubles — w/ Optional Singles & Optional Scratch Doubles


Final Weekend to Cash or WIN!
December  18,19,20


1st Place Handicap Doubles $10,000.00 
1st Place Open Scratch Singles: $2,000.00
1st Place Open Handicap Singles: $2,000.00
1st Place Women's Handicap Singles: $1,000.00
1st Place Women's Scratch Singles: $500.00 
1st Place Handicap Senior Singles: $500.00
1st Place Scratch Doubles: Last year paid $700.00 for 1st Place
+ over $2,000.00 in Weekend Bonus Cash

Any combination Male/Female Handicap Doubles
w/ Optional Singles & Optional Scratch Doubles
90% of 210 - USBC Highest Book Avg. for 2019/2020
Max Handicap for Men: 40 pins - Max for Women: 50 pins
Regular Entry Fee: $35/Bowler ($70 Doubles Team)

Official Bowling Sponsors: 
Bowler's Express Pro Shop, Striking Results Pro Shop, Ten Back Pro Shop,
CTD - Creating The Difference, Precise Bowling Systems,
$10,000 Handicap Doubles Entry: $35 per bowler
Optional $2,000 Handicap Singles Entry: $20
Optional $2,000 Scratch Singles Entry: $20 
Optional $1,000 Women's Handicap Singles Entry: $20
Optional $500 Women's Scratch Singles Entry: $10 
Optional $500 Seniors Handicap Singles Entry:  FREE - No Entry Fee
Optional Scratch Doubles Entry: $10 per bowler 
$5 Brackets | $10 High Game Sidepots (Scratch & Handicap), $5 Alibis/Crossovers
$25-$50 Gift Cards, Cash, Restaurant Gift Cards, Bowling Bags, HD Smart TVs, 
CTD Bowling Products, Bowling Balls, Pro Shop Gift Certificates


The Final Weekend
December - 18,19,20

After payment, you may register
This fee is Non-refundable. 

Friday Night Squad only $25 Entry - 7:30pm and 9pm
December 18

Saturday Squads - Dates & Times:
11:30 am, 1:30 pm*, 3:30 pm, and 5:30 pm
December 19
*1:30 Saturday Squad pays $250 Bonus to High Team

Sunday Squad - Dates & Times:
11:30am (only $25 entry), 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5:30pm
December 20

Bonus Cash Every Saturday!

Squads are limited to 6 Bowlers Per pair of lanes.



Southern Lanes
3931 Longview Dr,
Douglasville, GA 30135
Bowling Center: (678) 403-2569
Tournament Director: Chase 678-318-1925 


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